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So, you want to learn how to tattoo or Body Piercing Jewelry? If you're serious about it, you'll do it the right way. To be clear: the wrong way is by buying a "shop in a box" kit and trying to teach yourself, using either yourself or friends as canvas. The right way is through apprenticeship: learning from a skilled artist with hands-on experience. Getting a Tattoo Apprenticeship There are many tattoo artists out there—some good, some not. You must find a strong, able tattoo artist with plenty of experience, usually at least 5 years, preferably more. You obviously need to find one that is willing to take a budding new artist under their wing and train them. jacob's ladder piercing body jewelry You will want to find someone that you believe you can get along well with, as you will be working side by side with them for an extended period of time. Although there are a few artists out there that still offer free apprenticeships, these are few and far between. The other end of the scale are the artists that are more interested in your money than providing you with an education. You will more than likely be looking for a happy medium between these two - a men nose rings studs 15m you can deal with and make it worth the artists time for training you. If you happen upon an artist that offers apprenticeship at no cost you have found a real gem. But don't think this means a free ride!